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Legal audit (due diligence):

complete and comprehensive analysis of the legal status of a business entity which makes it possible to get a full picture of the current legal situation of a company. Such information allows companies to assess their goodwill and risks related to their business activity as well as to develop methods and strategies of operation.

Commercial law and company law:

establishment and registration of all types of companies and partnerships, modification of articles of incorporation, transformation, merger, division or liquidation of companies, provision of comprehensive legal services to the bodies of commercial companies and partnerships (organisation of the partners/shareholders' meetings, management board meetings, supervisory board/board of auditors meetings, preparation of drafts of resolutions, minutes), ongoing consulting and issuing of legal opinions.

Civil law:

preparation of drafts of contracts, agreements, settlements and other documents signed by the parties, participation in negotiations, provision of ongoing consulting services and issuing of legal opinions.

Civil procedure law:

representation in any litigation pending before courts of all instances, in particular: indemnification proceedings (arising from non-performance or improper performance of obligations and with respect to claims against insurance companies), actions for payment of amounts due, registration proceedings.

Debt collection:

taking all legal steps the purpose of which is to satisfy any claims of the creditor.

Labour law and social insurance law:

preparation of projects and issuing opinions about work and remuneration regulations applicable at the employer's, issuing opinions about employment contracts, contracts on material liability of employees, consultation with respect to conclusion and termination of employment contracts (termination of an employment contract with or without notice), as well as with respect to all legal aspects related to performance of binding employment contracts, representation in disputes with insurance agencies.

Tax law:

ongoing consultancy with respect to fulfillment of tax obligations, drafting of applications for issue of individual tax interpretations, representation in disputes with tax authorities, issuing of legal opinions, motions, appeals and statements.

Administrative law:

drafting of legal opinions, motions, appeals, complaints, representation in administrative proceedings.

Public procurement law:

consultancy services for the contractors applying for public procurement award, verification of offers or their preparation on the basis of the data provided by the contractor, preparation of measures of appeal in the course of a public contract awarding procedure, drafting of legal opinions.

Real estate trading law:

provision of legal services with respect to real estate sale or purchase transactions, consultancy related to real estate construction investments, drafting of contracts on construction works and of general contractor and subcontractor agreements.

Bankruptcy and composition proceedings:

preparation of bankruptcy petitions with an option of arrangement with creditors or of liquidation, representation before a court in bankruptcy proceedings, drafting of all documents, petitions and appeal instruments in the course of bankruptcy proceedings.

Penal law:

representation in criminal proceedings.


  • comprehensive legal services with respect to criminal cases, in the capacity of a defence counsel or attorney,
  • legal consultancy with respect to all kinds of civil law contracts,
  • representation in disputes arising from non-compliance of consumer goods with the contract,
  • representation in indemnification proceedings, in particular: claims against insurance companies for payment of damages, disability allowance or compensation for an accident,
  • inheritance proceedings with respect to a grant of probate or estate distribution,
  • representation in disputes with social insurance authorities, in particular with respect to establishing a right to receive a disability allowance, pension, other allowances and social insurance benefits,
  • representation in cases for divorce, separation, annulment of marriage, alimony, contribution to satisfaction of family needs, child care and contact with a child, partition of the property jointly gained by spouses following a divorce or cancellation of joint property of husband and wife.

The scope of legal assistance presented above is only exemplary and we are prepared to provide legal services also in other fields of law.